Welcome to LCTL DOORs!

DOORs are Downloadable Online Open Resources that ‘open doors’ for language instructors by providing them with instructional activities that they can easily transform to use in their classroom.

These activities could be used by any language instructor, but they were designed especially for instructors of less commonly taught languages (LCTLs) who may struggle with a lack of resources for teaching their language.

Use these activities to supplement your existing language curriculum. You can fit them into the topic you are teaching, use them as a starting point for your own ideas, or use them as an extension of an activity you already have. Because they are open resources, feel free to revise, remix, and reuse these activities in any way you wish.

Most activities are at the novice level, but we are continually developing new materials. The site is organized thematically, and there are activities that cover a variety of ACTFL modes and language skills in each theme. Use the search bar and the drop down menus on the home page to look up specific topics, modes, or any keyword.